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Nov 24, 2023, 7:00 PM – Nov 25, 2023, 11:00 PM
500 Terry A Francois Blvd, SF, USA

Ummm, because we're extra and speak her language! Here, at Little Rich Girls we believe nothing is too much for the mini princesses we have been blessed to call our own. We encourage girl empowerment, celebrating our differences, uniqueness and strength. And while doing so, we focus on all things girl here at Little Rich Girls. Our mini boutique is only of the finest quality and uniqueness and our service products are vegan/organic and gentle. Richness is a lifestyle here  Our message and motto is that you are not rich for what you have but you are rich for who you are...But still surprise me with sparkly & delicious smelling gifts, says your child and mine.."In steps Little Rich Girls" We are so her tribe. 

September 2019 our doors are opened at Little Rich Girls with a mission to empower girls with a positive self-image in a fun and relaxing environment. We set ourselves not only to make the girls look beautiful on the outside, but to promote wellness through pampering, fun and inspiration. We give every “doll” a great experience with our team, who are trained to provide quality service with a positive attitudes. Our spa services young girls between the age ranges of 3 – 14 years. 

Little Rich Girls is a kid-friendly space and upon entering our kid spa and boutique, you know immediately that this a place just for kids because it was designed exclusively for the younger client with inspiration, sophistication, glamour and elegance. We are having so much fun here and loving the reactions of every little girl that sits on our custom pedicure bench or at our glam bar. Stop in today to book your daughter's unforgettable birthday experience or pampered girls' night out! 

March   2020

We are now offering Mobile Parties!!!

Need more space than what we offer? Want to provide your own food or themed birthday cake? Now you can! We offer the same themes in your home! We have hosted options or unhosted! Call us to reserve your Spring & Summer Party!

COVID-19 Update on Upcoming March Events

As a successful spa party venue for little girls, we are not new to protecting your most valued possessions on earth from illnesses, viruses and germs overall. We are currently 100% incident and sickness free because of our rigorous disinfecting and strict illness policies in place for the enjoyment of all resulting in our reputable success in parties.  As a small business establishment, it is uncertain times for many locally owned businesses, an believe me, I've built this business from the bottom up through the worst of times.  Gratefully because of our launch March 1st of mobile spa parties, we were prepared. As a photographer and party host, I understand there are times that we don't get back like like newborn and maternity phases, or big birthdays such as the big 5 or double digits. However, I feel that we ALL need to do the right thing now and protect our most precious gifts. Little Rich Girls and Photography by Natasha B closed temporarily as of Monday March 16, 2020 for two weeks and reopen March 29th, 2020. We have honored every event scheduled leading up until Monday, and will honor every event scheduled during the time of National Quarantine. Following that, your little one will be given the best birthday celebration in honor of that, for parties through the month of March your supplies and decorations were pre ordered for surety in their timely arrival. No more than two adults permitted at check-in. Two Parents in, drop off, two parents out..rinse and repeat. Extreme caution will be in effect with no open shopper boutique hours, we will operate the parties as a privately reserved venue. Boutique orders for special occasion clothing and accessories must be ordered online for delivery. As with our current policies, all hands MUST be washed upon the party girls' arrivals and temperatures will be checked for added measure. Please safe the effort of exposure with an unwell parent or child and make sure you are cough free and temperature free at least 48 hours (any colds) prior to event and advise the booking mom so that she can schedule another attending guest at her discretion. Now, for the ABSOLUTE GREAT NEWS: CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN ARE THE LEAST SUSCEPTIBLE to COVID-19!!! Researchers believe its because kids are exposed daily to gross viruses and bugs and school and preggo women because of their super immune systems while a little one is baking in utero. Senior citizens above 65 at the most risk as they are with any Pneumonia or Flu Strand. So please protect our grannies and granddads and keep them home. Meaning our babies aren't catching this gross bug!! We still ask that you limit your visitors as to not expose your little one. When safe to reopen (March 29th, 2020 as scheduled by Simon Malls), only spa loft parties will be scheduled. So as an establishment that has never had a child leave exposed to any virus or threat of a cold because as a mommy ran establishment, we're germaphobes, we rest assured that we will still plan the BEST DAY EVER for your little Diva, STILL 100% GERM FREE and complete with a bonus gift for her patience during this time she doesn't understand! Keep calm and social distance responsibly :)


                      A Wise man once said " By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."- Benjamin Franklin