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Booking Policies: 

All Events are booked at a first deposit, first served basis. Unfortunately we do not hold dates without a deposit. For priority booking, please submit the booking form completed, select "Decided, Ready to Book" and you will be contacted via email or phone within 24-48 hours from one of our booking agents. 

  • ALL Rentals & Mobile Installs are assessed a Travel & Install charge.

  • ALL Venue Events are accessed a Venue Use & Disposal Fee.

  •  Event Dates and Times are booked at a first come basis. Deposits lock in your date. All Invoices expire within 2 hours of booking, OR if someone else reserves first with deposit. 

  • Deposit: All Events, Service Installs, & Rentals = 50%  Deposit. Remaining balance is required at least 7Days before the event date.

  • Party Booking Deposits are Non-Refundable nor transferrable.

  • + Add-On totals required upfront due to the special outsourcing event necessities. 

  • All parties are for entertainment purposes only. No discounts or specials can be combined. 

  • In the event that the double booking occurs, the client whose deposit posted first will secure the spot and the other pending client(s) will be offered the next available date/their second choice date.

  • Policies, fees and availability is subject to change without notice.

  • ADD ON Services Outside BOOKED PACKAGE are subject to a service charge and are due in full at request. If your add-on services/items are scheduled less than 7 days from your event, will require additional time outside booked spa time, or will require and additional staff member to assist, additional fees may incur.


Party Add-On/ Additional Guest Policies:

  • All event add-ons must be decided and  reserved at the time of your initial reservation. All add on's are final due to the nature of planning, ordering and reserving items/staff for your event. Exceptions can only be made by a booking manager and an convenience fee may apply.

Well Guest Policies:

  • For the safety of our staff members and your guests attendees, each person in attendance must pass a Illness Screening w/ Temperature check.   If the birthday girl falls ill before her event, we will allow one date transfer. However in order to transfer the date, the remaining balance will have to be paid. Original payment due date will not change. Deposits are not refundable.


Day Spa Palace Policies:

  • Due to our personal liability at our location, no outside decor, no outside food, drinks, candy, gum or desserts are permitted. Birthday cakes and cupcakes are permitted if you suite reservation included cake time, or you were invoiced for cake cutting time and have provided ingredients for disclosure. Our spa suites are booked for participating minor guests and our party hostesses only. Parents have the option to wait outside the suite in the designated waiting area, wait in the parking lot for the duration of the event.  Drop Off option is permitted if your group age is 7+, with approval and lock-in drop off approval from your hostess. Children whom are 6 and under, at least one parent must remain with the group for the duration of the party. Parents are to exercise respect for our staff and children at all times. Please refrain from use profanity within earshot of children or staff members, please avoid inappropriate conversations, mishandling for-purchase merchandise, smoking of any kind within our facility (Vapes included). 

  • Due to limited seating area and risks of exposure to Covid-19/ Influenza, we have a one parent/guardian limited per participating child. 

  • Venue Parties are all accessed a disposal & sanitation fee of $99.99 plus applicable sales taxes.

  • Due to limited waiting area & overall safety of our staff, only essential parent/guardian may remain at spa for duration of event. We limit one parent max per participating guest.

Mobile Parties:

  •  All mobile events are accessed a flat rate Travel & Install fee based on size of event.

  • Cleanliness & Sanitary of location is a MUST. Spaces must be free of FURNITURE (not in use), clutter, debris, pets and pests. No exceptions. Please respect our right to a clean area as your hosts. Additionally, our staff members are NOT PERMITTED TO MOVE FURNITURE.


  • Unless otherwise approved, Set up locations are main floor ONLY! Ex: Living Room, dining, bonus, club house. Staffing must have access to closest access to event space during unloading.

  • Minimum Stairs for set ups. Please respect our need to set up with minimal interruptions. As much as we love the cuteness, drool and excitement please have small children and pets free from the area we are setting up. Respectfully, please prepare the space appropriately prior to our arrival! Whether its sweeping, vacuuming and/or mopping, we gladly appreciate it! Not doing so could result in cancellation of event and loss of deposit. 

  • No food, drinks or makeup is permitted inside the TeePees or in the bedding, on the decorative pillows or rugs. (Slumber Parties)

  • All slumber party set up items are to be returned and undamaged.

Policies and Pricing is subject to change without notice. All Rights Reserved 2015-2023

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