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What exactly is an inclusive spa party?



It's where everything is covered in one price, plus applicable taxes and charges. We take on the stress for you and all that is left is showing up with the guests of honor! There is one price for the package. When you reserve your date, you lock in the current price and inclusions. However because we are a destination venue, each party/group and ala carte service provided is assessed an 15% Service Charge + 15% Gratuity Charge.

Q: I see that a service charge and gratuity is added to my invoice, why do I have to pay those charges? Isn't it my right to tip or not?

A: We simply take the guessing game out of the amount to leave. Service charges cover the use of the facility and disinfecting, trash disposal, the taxes on postage and items purchased for your party, the fuel and time. In most cases its only $40-$60 bucks depending on your party size, we provided the running around and took on the hassle! Added gratuity? Absolutely! Your party host(s) set up your party loft, provided the spa services, ensure the party time stayed on track and cleaned up the mess. In all fairness, they absolutely deserved to be tipped! Your party loft is reserved at an at cost price, which is slightly discounted from the a la carte youth spa. Each party receives an array of services, food, classes, dedicated hostess plus clean up, cake, party utensils and favor bags. We do a lot so the parents dont have to. And we have to make sure we make sure over tipped staff member receive fair wages for their work and the venue can replace and recover whats used for each service such as cleaning supplies, administrative costs and fuel surcharges for event needs.

Q: What is a drop off event? Why can't we hang about or bring food for the parents?


A: In a short answer, it reduces the chaos and makes our space still accessible to the boutique shoppers. The portion of the facility where the spa parties are held is lockdown. Meaning, no entrance and exiting of any adults during the duration of the party and children after being checked in, must physically be checked out by parent with ID provided. This keeps our environment safe, under control and in compliance with all fire codes by not being over capacitated. For the enjoyment of the booking mom, we do allow upto two parents inside at a time to cycle in and snap photos and blow an occasional kiss or two. Our store windows are huge and groups are visible from outside the boutique if you chose to not take advantage of a little "mommy time"! Don't worry, parties are what we do for a living and we take our roles with the utmost importance for safety and joy but the saying that kids are 800% worse behaved in front of their moms is VERY true and we want the girls to get the most out of their experience and the moms or dads as well.

Q: Why can't I bring my own cake or pizza?

A: Primarily because of liability reasons. We CANNOT take the risk that the cake you bring into our establishment accidently had a walnut dropped into the battered and we have a children attending your event with a nut allergy. Our establishment, our liability, therefore we ensure only the best quality and transparency in our cakes purchased and pizza's ordered. 

Q: Can I bring my own photographer or videographer, entertainment,etc?

A: Unfortunately no. We require a full background check on any company hired to be within our establishment during the time of an event. This protects your children and overall ensures the on going safety we guarantee at our parties. Again, our establishment, our liability and we make sure beyond a shadow of doubt we know the entertainment company and can stand behind anyone we directly hire.

Q: I want to bring my own decorations. Is this permitted?

A: All additional decorations are subject to the approval of the store manager. Anything displayed within our venue can be interpreted as an affiliation or views of our venue, therefore we have the right to refuse to protect against possible copyright infringement laws. Also items that may not be presentable and printed in high quality or complimentary to our decor, our manager can refuse. It is best to contact our manager to confirm prior to purchasing. 

Q: Can I bring my decorations right before my party?

A: No, Please, No, No. Walking into the venue for your party as one is ending with decorations, balloons and favor bag add ons can be very chaotic. And because of this our policy is at least 24 hours in advance or the decorations are subject to refusal. We dont want you as a parent to be unhappy or feel as those you've wasted time and money for your decorations, just please drop them off at least a day before your event to ensure your loft is decorated, favor bags are stuffed and greeting decorations are ready for your little ones surprise!

First and foremost, our rules and guidelines are in place to protect all children and staff members. We promise the best day ever for your princess and a stress free enjoyable party for you. But like all things, it takes the consideration and respect of are people involved to ensure success. We promise to do our part, please help us and do yours! Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact us below with any additional questions, comments and concerns!

PamperMe v.s. GlamMe-What's The Difference?

Sit back, socialize and SPA!! This relaxing spa party theme caters to all divas that loves to be pampered! Our glam hostesses will treat the girls to pedicure soaks and polish, nail buffering and polish, organically soothing facials, and dazzling makeup! Girls will also have the choice of a glitter tattoo or temporary hair coloring. Party time is approx. 2-3 hours depending on group size.

Recommended for Ages 5-Teen/Young Adult


GlamMe Spa

An interactive beauty spa class experience. Participating guests will learn how to prep face, properly address acne* concerns, create and/or apply organic facials, self manicure soak, treat nails/ self polish, learn age appropriate makeup application, evening aftercare facial hygiene, apply face and hand glitter tattoos, temp color hair piece application. Party Time is approximately 2-2.5 hours depending on group size. Recommended for Ages 7-Teen/Young Adult

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