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The best way to stream line your reservation process:

  1. View our website in its entirety. Make a note of our current entertainment and/or decor package availability.

  2. Fully complete a booking form for the service(s) needed.

  3. Select 3 tentative dates / time slots and pay a $150 Date Reservation Deposit that is applied to your 50% total Booking Deposit and package total. The dates are booked at a first Booking Deposit, first retained.

  4. Please prepare your entertainment/decor questions for your booking agent and expect a follow up call and finalization of your event with 24-48 hours. 

  5. Please note that Add-On services or decor MUST BE Added at time of booking when discussed when agent. Some Add-On payments are due in full at the time of booking.


  7. DAYSPA PARTIES: WAITING SPACE IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS LOCATION. Our Day Spa suites are designed for participating children and party hostesses only.   If a desire to entertain your parents is pertinent to your event, we highly recommend booking a mobile party opposed to a Day Spa Party.

  8. AFTER RESERVING YOUR DATE: Your booking agent with contact you 24-48 hours following your date(s) reservation to complete your booking.

  9. As a Service based industry, ALL BOOKING DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

  10. DATE DEPOSITS are ONLY 50% REFUNDABLE upto 48 HOURS following your tentative date. After 72 HOURS, DATE DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Your Booking Agent will contact you following the expiration of your date reservation and issue a booking credit for future services.



Date Deposit

 A $100 Partially Refundable deposit that temporarily reserves up to 3 tentative dates for upto 48 hours. If each of your tentative date selections (3) are booked by other clients before you've completed your full reservation and full 50% deposit, we will issue a full refund of your $100 Date Deposit. 

If at least 1 or more dates are available by the time your date reservation expires, but you still wish to cancel for reasons outside our control, we will only issue 50% refund of your Date Deposit.

Booking Deposit

Non-Refundable deposit that secures your date, time and location. Booking Deposits are a 50% of total event cost (Date Deposit will be applied), that is non-refundable. As a service based industry, once you've fully secured your reservation, our team immediately begins to work on the details of your event by- however not limited to e.i. product ordering, invitation designing service staff scheduling.  

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